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2016 : Snowdonia Return


We return to North Wales 14-19 August 2016

Just past the route to Crib Goch

Just past the route to Crib Goch

Paul & Llwyd plan to climb some mountains over one or two days.

Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) will be one, but we will also climb some of the 15 Mountains over 3000 feet. Some again as we didn’t see them due to the gale force weather on our last ascents March 2015


Back in March 2015 our WOW Walk on Wales the weather was not good – had to abort Section 1 and the Tryfan, Glyder Fach and Fawr we could only just see our hands, Gale Force Winds – meant it was a challenge even for my experience in the Mountains of North Wales.

We return to see if we can have better weather so my son can enjoy the magic of both Glyder FAWR and Fach. Perhaps Day 2 we will attempt Crib Goch on the way to Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon)


We will probably also visit Velocity at ZipWord Bethesda – on the site of Penrhyn Quarries

Paul Griffiths – www.paulgriffiths.info – @pgacricket

WOW2015 – Yr Wyddfa – Finish (Section 3)


PGWP20150402102737ProWell we said when this website www.walkonwales.com was first setup that this WOW – Walk on Wales would be tough with a capital T for TOUGH.

Well we were right our Section 2 Walk we had not one but two white outs on both Glyders – Glyder Fach and Glyder Fawr, with gale force winds and horizontal snow – the word Tough doesn’t really do it!!

REST DAY after Section two Glyders:
Having Recovered a “little” from our Section two walk on Tuesday 31 March 2015 – (rest day on 1 April). Limbs still weary to be honest

So SECTION 3 – and the Last three – Crib Goch, Garnedd Ugain (Crib y Ddysgl) and a finish on Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon)

Snowdon was a “breeze” no pun intended.

Car Drop off at Pen Y Pass Car Park

Car Drop off at Pen Y Pass Car Park

From the top of Llanberis Pass – at Pen Y Pass – on the PYG Track was our chosen route. We set off from the car park at 10:30am and for the first time, meeting or rather overtaking lots of people  from all walks off life – some dressed for the walk and climb to the top of the Highest Mountain in Wales & England and some not!!


We met a seasoned walker (there every weekend and should be me if I lived in the region – no Gym required) who suggested we don’t do Crib Goch due to the freezing temperatures and snow and ice which would make traversing Crib Goch difficult. We heeded his advice. (He also took this photo – thankyou )

Just past the route to Crib Goch

On the PYG Track – Just past the route to Crib Goch – “Where we heeded the advice”


PGWP20150402125738ProWe reached the top of Yr Wyddfa at about 12:45 – 2 Hours and 15mins from the Pen Y Pass Car Park (By the Caffi and Youth Hostel)

Hafod Eryri was closed. No surprise as we are just in April

On the way down we considered a short climb to Carnedd Ugain but decided to continue on the Llanberis Path which drops us into Llanberis!!


Half Way House

Half Way House “closed”

Just after the  Halfway House (also Closed) we met a lady and three young boys (not dressed for the occasion) who I noticed were asking someone coming up up for some water – – I guess they had decided on a wim to walk up on the Llanberis path. We had some spare water so offered and was gladly accepted.

Halfway House closed but understandable – for the same reasons as Hafod Eryri was also closed. Shame as I was hoping to have a Picture with the owner who also appeared in the ITV Series – The Mountain.


2 way radios2A WOW Thank you to Chris Harper of VALKRIS Communications – Capel Curig

Thank you to VALKRIS Communications for supplying on loan the 2 way radios we used for communicating on the mountain and the Support Vehicle (Car)

They did their job very nicely in all weathers!!

Valkris Communications:  are a family-run Two-Way Radio Communications business based in Capel Curig, a popular tourist Village located in the heart of the Snowdonia National Park. We specialise in the sales and hire of Two-Way Radio systems and bespoke PA systems. With over 35 years of radio engineering experience we are able to tailor systems for the individual needs of our customers. We are always willing to discuss requirements,

Address: Deunant, Capel Curig, Betws-Y-Coed, Conwy, LL24 0DS Tel: 01690 720263 – www.valkris.fsnet.co.uk

If you can please mention Paul Griffiths when you contact them.





Just past the route to Crib Goch

Just past the route to Crib Goch








We ran out of days and not forgetting the weather. Yes 31 March 2015 was not the best time of year to do this WOW – Walk on Wales – however we may return in the summer of 2015 to do the Glyders again (should see them in all their glory this time?) and perhaps a few of those mountians we missed due to the weather e.g.. Gale force Winds, Snow and rain and snow etc

A WOW Thank you to those who have already sponsored both Paul & Llwyd.

You can still Sponsor Chance to Shine and or Llanberis Mountain Rescue Or you can offer and or buy :

Chance to Shine Wrist bands £2 each

Chance to Shine Wrist bands £2 each (100% will go to Chance to Shine)


WOW Mugs - £5 each

WOW Mugs – £5 each

 Or Even one of our WOW2015 Events Shirts:

Event Shirts

Event Shirts

5 April 2015 12:14. (Updated 5 April 2015 13:35)

WOW2015 – Section 2 – TOUGH

Tryfan - No: 8

Tryfan – No: 8

TOUGH doesn’t really say what we encountered.

Section 1 (5-6am) we aborted due to the high winds – yes Section 2 we found ourselves in the same conditions correction worse conditions with high gale force winds.

Section 2 was “only” 5 mountains starting with Tryfan and then on to the Glyders – Glyder Fach & Glyder Fawr
(Mountains 8 9 and 10 of 8-12 for Section 2)

Due to the conditions we did not complete Mountains 11 and 12 and aborted after Glyder FAWR as the conditions were very Wintry – with gale force wins – some gust probably reaching motorway speed limit or faster, horizontal driving snow, and rain.

White Out Conditions x 2 on Glyder Fach and then Glyder Fawr

Sadly in white out conditions we came off Glyder FAWR wrong, and and did not drop into Nant Peris as planned but tried to drop into Llanberis Pass (mid way along towards the Youth Hostel) but could not due to the sheer drops. So we had to skirt further east and eventually landed on the A4086 by the Youth Hostel and Caffi at 18:58 having started the ascent of Tryfan at about 10am. So you see why we aborted but got “lost” in the white out  on Glyder Fawr.

We even missed the Cantilever just past Glyder Fach as we walked past in the white out!!

Blown around frequently but some were not good as Llwyd receiving a knock on the knee caused by the wind blowing him off his feet and his knee finding a rock!!

We managed three mountains Tryfan, Glder Fach and Glyder Fawr an Olympic Medal WIN!!

marvellous mountains on nice days, but 31 March 2015 we experience a white out on Glyder FACH where we could not see anything except ourselves. Map reading and compass a challenge

We did not take many photos none on Tryfan, Glyder Fach or Glyder Fawr due the wintry gales. The following pictures are with us on Tryfan. Even then clouds full of snow were swirling around looking for a home and dropping the snow at random!!

Tryfan - No: 8

Tryfan – No: 8



no fool should attempt such when the forecast is high winds and gales with snow.

An Olympic Medal win for Effort?

Tough for both – Dad yes and for Son Llwyd Very Tough

We hope this post gives you a flavour of what we encountered, although it will never fully convey as we were there in it and doing it.

1 April 2015 10:18 (updated 16:39 3 April 2015)

WOW – OS Maps Received


OS maps Ordered and delivered WOW2015-OS-Maps-Custom-Madefor the Walk on Wales – WOW


Ordered directly from the UK’s Mapping Agency – The Ordnance Survey

Received the following Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa) Maps:

  • Custom Made English Flat Landranger (1: 50 000)
  • Custom Made Welsh Flat Landranger (1: 50 000)
  • OS Custom Made English Folded Explorer – OL17 (1 : 25 000) (image)
  • OS Custom Made Welsh Folded Explorer – OL17
  • OS Waterproof Active Version – OL17 (1: 25 000)

The Flat ones I am hoping to either frame or simply paste to a wall probably at my home for future reference of this TOUGH – Walk on Wales – WOW.

They are centred on our fifteenth mountain Yr Wyddfa / Snowdon

The Folded Custom made OL17 (image) will be the one for the support Vehicle – our car. The Waterproof Active Version will be the one on the mountain with us, (along with a compass’)

Ordered online at www.ordnancesurvey.gov.uk on the 5 March 2015 – and delivered by Royal Mail 9 March 2015.

10 March 2015

Walk on Wales Route Decided – WOW


View from Hafod Eryri south to Rhyd Dhu

WOW = Walk on Wales – Route Decided

Paul has decided on his Route of the Walk on Wales (WOW)

Yr Wyddfa (SNOWDON) will be last No: 15. Hoping that we can get on this one at the same time as the last train ascends Snowdon. to Meet Family and Friends for the Champagne moment.


Hope to add route cards and maps. These will be on the Route and Mountain Pages.


Practice 002 – Box Hill

My Hi-Tec Red Boots "Inspired by Life"

Paul’s Hi-Tec Red Boots “Inspired by Life”

Today (24 Jan 2015) on Box Hill Surrey

Height: 224 metres – 735 feet

once again from the Car Park at the bottom the distance was about 0.82 miles same as practice 1 – no surprises there

This time I took a rucksack with some weight in even one of my laptops!!  Should take about 30mins to walk it – so looking to do two to test my knee post op (Knee Arthroscopy) 3 Months ago (24 Oct 2014).

Glorious Sunshine same as Practise One, but a little warmer as under foot conditions were wet and sticky on the Box Hill chalk.

My right knee seems to be holding up very well in fact very normal. Will be interesting on how my knee performs at Indoor Cricket Practice tomorrow evening (25 Jan 2015)

Practice 2: 3.28 miles
Miles Total:
6.56 Milesn
Walk On Wales: 24miles


Desktop Wallpapers launched


wow-2015-Poster2-Small2Please Support Paul’s “Walk on Wales” – WOW

Today Paul has produced some wall papers for you to download.

To use on your own computer to help promote and support Paul’s Walk on Wales – WOW

Paul thanks you for downloading and promoting his Walk on Wales – WOW

The Wallpapers are on our download page – click here

Nigel & Paul – Discuss WOW


EPG_2009100_0634Paul & Nigel meet to discuss the Walk on Wales (WOW)

Items discussed included:

  • WebSite (www.walkonwales.com)
  • Nigel’s Page – About Nigel – some text and words from Nigel
  • Paul’s Page – About Paul – some text and words from Paul
  • Supporters Page – to include all who made it possible e.g. B&B, Support Vehicle Co.
  • Support Vehicle
  • Graphics / Wrap for Support Vehicle
  • Chance to Shine Wrist bands – Pul has 50 available at £2 each.
  • T Shirts
  • Photo Shoot 11Jan? – on Boxhill for some Photo’s for website and advertise “WOW”
  • Charities – Chance to Shine, Llanberis Mountain Rescue, Alzheimers, Capel Cricket Club New Build
  • Paul has contacted makers of Tea Brand – PG Tips – politely turned down. No PG Tips on Snowdon!!
  • Yorkshire Tea – may be interested – Not sure we will be on Snowdon before Hafod Eryri is closed for the day.
  • Just Giving Pages
  • Bed & Breakfast

Boxhill closest we could find to get some photos of both Paul & Nigel in Walking Kit. T-Shirts May not be available as yet to be ratified both design and cost price.

When did this happen – Saturday 3 January 2015

Please contact Paul