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Support Vehicle : Pick Up 2


Support Vehicle : Pick Up 2.

WOW Route: Section 2 – Mountains 8-12 would be done on reaching this Pick Up Point: 2 – WOW

Pick Up Point 2 –  Nant Peris  – at Map Reference SH 606 588 (53.225646, -3.918358) check this lat and long

We will be descending from Elidir Fawr – Mountain No: 12.

SH 606 488 is at the end of a minor road the only one in Nant Peris. We are hoping our Support Vehicle can meet us there otherwise we will walk down the minor road to meet the Support Vehicle on the A4086 in Nant Peris.

Cold Wet and Tired?

It is very possible that this will be the last one for the day (31 March 2015)

Assuming we are all ok , and both Yr Wyddfa and the weather are kind.

We will assess the situation once we are on the A4086 at Nant Peris, and decide if we continue the walk or come back tomorrow for Snowdon is not going any where – she will be there tomorrow!!

If we do decide to finish for the day, we will pop in to the Vaynol Arms to recharge our batteries.

With the plan to do the remaining three as soon as we can the day after. Probably after a Hearty Breakfast at Our bed & Breakfast – Erw Fair Llanberis

Please note we will pop to this Drop Point 2 On Monday 30 March 2015 (marked by the “map marker” on the red line)

Pick Up Point 2 at the end of the Minor Road
Pick Up Point 2 at the end of the Minor Road

just to check it is ok if our Support Vehicle can sit there waiting – when they know we are coming off Elidir Fawr – Mountain No: 12. Otherwise Support Vehicle will park on A4086 – main road.

Nant Peris – Home of The Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team and the Vaynol Arms!!

20 March 2015

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