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Yr Wyddfa - done
Yr Wyddfa – done

This Walk on Wales will be tough, there is no doubt about this..

so for this effort or rather for this “risk” Paul wanted some “reward”. Risk and Reward terminology that Paul uses in his Cricket Coaching at all levels.

The Risk is their Walk on Wales and the reward is two fold – the fact  Paul (and friends) have done it and the money Paul hope’s to raise for his amazing Charities.

One Charity would of made better clarity – Paul could not decide hence two Chance to Shine and Llanberis Mountain Rescue.

  1. Chance to Shine (The Cricket Foundation)
  2. Llanberis Mountain Rescue

Thankyou for your support

Chance to Shine Wrist Bands - Bags of them!!
Chance to Shine Wrist Bands – Bags of them!!

– whether it be by donating on Just Giving, or your support on Wales, or by buying some Chance to Shine Wrist Bands ( £2 each ) thank you.




What are you doing! Please contact paul