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WOW – Route Section 1

WOW Route - Section 1 Day 1 ?
WOW Route – Section 1
Day 1 ?

Mountains 1 – 7:

This section will be extra tough as we plan to finish on Snowdon. So not finishing with these Magnificent 7 Mountains but starting!! We may well have to walk this one twice for convenience of road (A5)  drop off and pick up at the same point (at Pont Pen Y Benglog). Currently looking and seeking an alternative route to get us to the First Mountain – Foel Fras – with out having to do the others to get to it, but also with the minimal extra walking. If we walk this section twice the other mountains will have to wait for a second day. Reasoning or rather my thinking is simple – one way walk will take over 5 hours so we can effectively double this time. Therefore as there is about 11 hours of daylight on the 31 March 2015 then we have to be realistic and therefore do Section 2 and Section 3 (mountains 8 – 15) another day. If the weather allows goes with out saying – of course!!

WOW – Walk On Wales, Route – Section 1, Mountains 1 – 7 Foel Fras to Pick Up 1 (Pont Pen-y-benglog)
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