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WOW – Route Section 2

WOW - Section 2 - Day 2?
WOW – Section 2 – Day 2?

Mountains 8-12:

Only 5 Mountains but still as tough as the first 7. Tougher having done the first 7 mountains?

Mountains 8 – 12 get this section under my belt and we’re prety much done. Sounds Easy and yes Easier Said then done.

Tough start – climbing up to Tryfan’s Adam and Eve.
Should we skirt round to the left (east) and then up to Adam & Eve – not sure – Horses for courses?

I guess will depend on two things the weather and how my son and I feel after the previous 7 mountains. The same day wow mountain 8 of 15. if the day before this would be mountain one for the day.


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