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Our Route

Our Route - "worm" or should we say Slug!!
Our Route – “worm” or should we say Slug!!

Details  of our Route – will appear here.

A top level route with “worm” so show our route(s)

These will be produced by Paul’s Get A Map subscription from the Ordnance Survey Get A Map. Also hoped to use the same laminated on the Walk on Wales – copies in the support vehicle and of course with Paul on the ground.

The normal route is to start on Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa)
but due to Paul’s affinity with the mountain and the adjacent building “Hafod Eryri”.

Hafod Eryri was officially opened in June 2009 –  Paul donated some cash for the building  and you can see Paul’s name on a clear day in the Building!!

So if we can we wish to finish on Yr Wyddfa – hopefully to co-incide with the last train tot he top (wind allowing).

We have 24 hours from the top of the first mountain, that is if we can finish in one day. Realistic perhaps I have split the Walk on Wales into three Sections. so it could be done in one, two or three days

Not after world records just wish to complete them all in one visit and if we can in daylight hours!!

The Proposed Route – Mountain Order with Yr Wyddfa (SNOWDON) last No: 15

The route can be broken down into three sections although if the weather approves we will try and complete in one day.

  1. Section 1 – Route 1 – North of the A5 – Mountains 1 – 7
  2. Section 2 – Route 2 – South of the A5 starting with Tryfan – Mountains 8 – 12
  3. Section 3 – Route 3 – The last Three – Mountains 13-15 – includes Crib Goch and Yr Wyddfa

We could complete over three days – but the odds of all three days being good are slim especially in North Wales on the last Day of march. Having said that we may have to complete over three days – weather permitting.

WOW Route – Section 1
WOW Route – Section 2
WOW Route – Section 3

These are based on Naismith’s Rule on the Ordnance Survey Get A Map


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