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Walk on Wales Route Decided – WOW


View from Hafod Eryri south to Rhyd Dhu

WOW = Walk on Wales – Route Decided

Paul has decided on his Route of the Walk on Wales (WOW)

Yr Wyddfa (SNOWDON) will be last No: 15. Hoping that we can get on this one at the same time as the last train ascends Snowdon. to Meet Family and Friends for the Champagne moment.


Hope to add route cards and maps. These will be on the Route and Mountain Pages.


Nigel & Paul – Discuss WOW


EPG_2009100_0634Paul & Nigel meet to discuss the Walk on Wales (WOW)

Items discussed included:

  • WebSite (www.walkonwales.com)
  • Nigel’s Page – About Nigel – some text and words from Nigel
  • Paul’s Page – About Paul – some text and words from Paul
  • Supporters Page – to include all who made it possible e.g. B&B, Support Vehicle Co.
  • Support Vehicle
  • Graphics / Wrap for Support Vehicle
  • Chance to Shine Wrist bands – Pul has 50 available at £2 each.
  • T Shirts
  • Photo Shoot 11Jan? – on Boxhill for some Photo’s for website and advertise “WOW”
  • Charities – Chance to Shine, Llanberis Mountain Rescue, Alzheimers, Capel Cricket Club New Build
  • Paul has contacted makers of Tea Brand – PG Tips – politely turned down. No PG Tips on Snowdon!!
  • Yorkshire Tea – may be interested – Not sure we will be on Snowdon before Hafod Eryri is closed for the day.
  • Just Giving Pages
  • Bed & Breakfast

Boxhill closest we could find to get some photos of both Paul & Nigel in Walking Kit. T-Shirts May not be available as yet to be ratified both design and cost price.

When did this happen – Saturday 3 January 2015

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