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2016 : Snowdonia Return


We return to North Wales 14-19 August 2016

Just past the route to Crib Goch

Just past the route to Crib Goch

Paul & Llwyd plan to climb some mountains over one or two days.

Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) will be one, but we will also climb some of the 15 Mountains over 3000 feet. Some again as we didn’t see them due to the gale force weather on our last ascents March 2015


Back in March 2015 our WOW Walk on Wales the weather was not good – had to abort Section 1 and the Tryfan, Glyder Fach and Fawr we could only just see our hands, Gale Force Winds – meant it was a challenge even for my experience in the Mountains of North Wales.

We return to see if we can have better weather so my son can enjoy the magic of both Glyder FAWR and Fach. Perhaps Day 2 we will attempt Crib Goch on the way to Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon)


We will probably also visit Velocity at ZipWord Bethesda – on the site of Penrhyn Quarries

Paul Griffiths – www.paulgriffiths.info – @pgacricket

WOW2015 – Section 2 – TOUGH

Tryfan - No: 8

Tryfan – No: 8

TOUGH doesn’t really say what we encountered.

Section 1 (5-6am) we aborted due to the high winds – yes Section 2 we found ourselves in the same conditions correction worse conditions with high gale force winds.

Section 2 was “only” 5 mountains starting with Tryfan and then on to the Glyders – Glyder Fach & Glyder Fawr
(Mountains 8 9 and 10 of 8-12 for Section 2)

Due to the conditions we did not complete Mountains 11 and 12 and aborted after Glyder FAWR as the conditions were very Wintry – with gale force wins – some gust probably reaching motorway speed limit or faster, horizontal driving snow, and rain.

White Out Conditions x 2 on Glyder Fach and then Glyder Fawr

Sadly in white out conditions we came off Glyder FAWR wrong, and and did not drop into Nant Peris as planned but tried to drop into Llanberis Pass (mid way along towards the Youth Hostel) but could not due to the sheer drops. So we had to skirt further east and eventually landed on the A4086 by the Youth Hostel and Caffi at 18:58 having started the ascent of Tryfan at about 10am. So you see why we aborted but got “lost” in the white out  on Glyder Fawr.

We even missed the Cantilever just past Glyder Fach as we walked past in the white out!!

Blown around frequently but some were not good as Llwyd receiving a knock on the knee caused by the wind blowing him off his feet and his knee finding a rock!!

We managed three mountains Tryfan, Glder Fach and Glyder Fawr an Olympic Medal WIN!!

marvellous mountains on nice days, but 31 March 2015 we experience a white out on Glyder FACH where we could not see anything except ourselves. Map reading and compass a challenge

We did not take many photos none on Tryfan, Glyder Fach or Glyder Fawr due the wintry gales. The following pictures are with us on Tryfan. Even then clouds full of snow were swirling around looking for a home and dropping the snow at random!!

Tryfan - No: 8

Tryfan – No: 8



no fool should attempt such when the forecast is high winds and gales with snow.

An Olympic Medal win for Effort?

Tough for both – Dad yes and for Son Llwyd Very Tough

We hope this post gives you a flavour of what we encountered, although it will never fully convey as we were there in it and doing it.

1 April 2015 10:18 (updated 16:39 3 April 2015)

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