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WOW2015 – Section 1 Aborted

Section 1

Sadly our Tough Challenge walking all Mountains in Wales over 3000 feet was aborted before we set foot on mountain No: 1 Foel Fras.


We got to the car park at about 5am,

Visited Monday 30 March 2015
Visited Monday 30 March 2015

needed to get some over trousers on but had no zip to get on with our walking boots on

So probably left for Foel Fras about 520-530am

In the dark struggled to see where we were suppose to come off the track heading west and a wall appeared which we would use to turn left and follow up the hills – our route to Foel Fras – Mountain No: 1. We were suppose to be on the west side of this wall however due to the windy conditions we decided to stay on the east side as the  wall was stopping a lot of the wind. (yes we had head torches)

We reached 665m near a “Pile of Stones” at Map Reference SH 706 708 (Paul to check this MR) – 05:45 – it was here that the decision was made to abort. No rain but the wind was strong probably  those “gales on the uplands” so decision was made to abort. We had just radioed the Car to go – but called it back quickly. (Radios Coutesy of Valkris Communications)

The below photos Llwyd and Paul making their way back over the style by the car park where we had been some time earlier.



Decision to abort was made at approximately 6am and back at the car about 630am

Back Erw Fair our Bed and Breakfast in Llanberis about 730am (Remember the Car park was an hours drive through Capel Curig and Betws Y Coed and Trefew


Tuesday 31st March

Overnight winds will ease slightly, however it will remain very windy with upland gales. It will be a day of sunny spells and scattered blustery showers, and these showers could include thunder and hail, and will turn to snow above 400m. With strong winds, this could lead to conditions rapidly varying from very poor to excellent, but mobility will remain difficult throughout. It will also be a cold day, with significant wind chill.

Source: 04:54 31 March 2015


We will have breakfast at Erw Fair Llanberis and decide if we do Section 2 today or re plan Secion 1 perhaps venve the other way round.

31 March 2015 – 07:30

What are you doing! Please contact paul