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Practice 001 – Box Hill

BoxHill-MapToday (11 Jan 2015) on Box Hill Surrey

Height: 224 metres – 735 feet

from the Car Park at the bottom the distance was about 0.82 miles and should take about 30mins to walk it – so looking to do two to test my knee post op (Knee Arthroscopy) 3 Months ago.

The start is at about 4ometeres to where we finishes at the Salomons Memorial viewpoint (TQ179511) – most people know and in 2012 was adjacent to the Olympic Rings

Our First Ascent took 23mins.

Second assent was about the same.


Practice 1: 3.28 miles
Miles Total:
3.28 Miles
Walk On Wales: 24miles




What are you doing! Please contact paul